Université de Bordeaux
Cluster of excellence


Scientific Committee

The SPARK program is overseen by a Scientific Board that determines its orientation and contributes to selecting and supporting projects. The board is run by the SPARK Bordeaux manager:

  • Francesco Salvo, phamacologist, Bordeaux Population Health Research Center, Head of the SPARK Bordeaux program
  • Patrick Blanco, Immunology, Head of the "T lymphocyte activation in systemic auto-immune diseases" group at the Immunoconcept laboratory
  • Véronique Deroche-Gamonet, Neurosciences, Head of the group "Addiction psychobiology" Magendie Neurocenter
  • Vincent Dousset, Neuroimaging, Director of the Laboratory of Excellence TRAIL (Translational Research and Advanced Imaging Laboratory)
  • Luc Grislain, Phamaceutical sciences, Head of the Laboratory of Industrial Pharmaceutical Technologies of Bordeaux
  • Hélène Jacquet, Computer Science, Vice-president for Strategy and Development, correspondent for University of Bordeaux Artificial Intelligence policy
  • Eric Papon, Chemistry, Vice-President Innovation and Relations with Industry, Laboratory of Organic Polymer Chemistry
  • Antoine Pariente, Pharmacology, Director of the team Pharmacoepidemiology and population impact of drugs, Bordeaux Population Health Research Center
  • Véronique Pallet, Neurosciences, Co-Director of the Nutrineuro laboratory
  • Rodrigue Rossignol, Genetic and metabolism, Research Director at the Rare disease genetic and metabolism laboratory, Cellomet CEO

Industry advisors to the Spark Bordeaux program

The role of the industry advisors is crucial: they are involved in the project selection process, deal with questions associated with project development and support projects at every stage.

The combination of skills from academia and industry experts ensures a productive exchange of views and relevant analyses and recommendations regarding projects development.

The industry advisors are health sector professionals and experts in R&D, clinical studies, regulatory issues, marketing/business, and finance. They are subject to strict rules of confidentiality.

The Selection Committee

The Selection Committee is responsible for selecting projects that will benefit from SPARK Bordeaux support. It is composed of academia and industry experts.

The operational coordination

Day-to-day running of the SPARK program is the responsibility of the Innovation Partnership and Industry Direction (Research, International, Partnerships and Innovation Unit - RIPI). Contact: spark@u-bordeaux.fr