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Université de BordeauxCluster of excellence

Meet the team

Meet the Team

Pr Vincent Dousset
Political Director of SPARK-Bordeaux Program

Pr Francesco Salvo
Scientific Director of SPARK-Bordeaux Program

Alexandra Struk (phD)
SPARK-Bordeaux Program Manager

Day-to-day running of the SPARK program is the responsibility of the Innovation Partnership and Industry Direction (Research, International, Partnerships and Innovation Unit - RIPI). Contact: spark@u-bordeaux.fr

Advisory Board

Our advisory board supports SPARK-BIH in strategic matters and and contributes to selecting and supporting projects. The members of our advisory board are experts from the life science industry and venture capital, incubators, and academic research. 

  • Soufiane Ajana, CEO Retinov', ex SPARKees
  • Severine Barth, Inserm Transfert
  • Sandrine Bouguignon
  • Jean-Luc Chagnaud, SATT AST
  • Damien Dessis, Valneva
  • Karine Gionnet, French Institute of Health and Medical Research | Inserm
  • Vassilios Kaltsatos, Ceva Santé Animale
  • Christelle Liard, CHU Bordeaux
  • Paul Maitre, CEO Easis Consulting
  • Agnes Nadjar, Professor of Neurosciences at the University of Bordeaux
  • Emilie Pacary, Researcher at French Institute of Health and Medical Research | Inserm
  • Anne-Charlotte Reix, Unitec
  • Clémence Roy, Unitec
  • Bruno Villoutreix, Field Chief Editor, Frontiers in Drug Discovery ; Researcher at Inserm.

The role of the industry advisors is crucial: they are involved in the project selection process, deal with questions associated with project development and support projects at every stage.

The combination of skills from academia and industry experts ensures a productive exchange of views and relevant analyses and recommendations regarding projects development.

The industry advisors are health sector professionals and experts in R&D, clinical studies, regulatory issues, marketing/business, and finance. They are subject to strict rules of confidentiality.